Dental clinics being victims of rape, hold up and murder are on the rise worldwide
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Protection In a Push of a Button
Panic & Emergency Alarm System
Price : Php 1200
Protection in a Push a Button

Discreetly sound the panic alarm in your pocket or under the table

Alert the family in event of  intrusion and emergency such as fires, heart attack, etc.

Alert the security and neighborhood in case of robbery, rape or attack

Perfect for homes, small businesses such as stores, clinics, internet shops, bakeries, jewelry stores , dental offices
Panic alarm with siren and strobe light

Remote control can discreetly activates / deactivates alarm.

Plug and play and simple installation

Range up to 20 meters

Complete set consist of :
  • 1 pc power supply with signal controller
  • 1 Pc wireless panic alarm push button
  • 1 Remote control for alarm activation / deactivation 
  • 1 pc siren with strobe light
  •  Installation diagram