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Children Rain Coat Kids Raincoat Rainwear Waterproof

Price: P 550
Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
Or for more information, call us at:  0917 8481193

Or send inquiries to:
   1149 Craig St.
   sampaloc, Manila,
Powder coated metal pellet and bullet catcher for airsoft players 
Bullet Pellet Catcher 

suitable height cm Age
XXL 130-150 11-14 years old
XL 120-130 9-11 years old
L 110-120 7-8 years oldM 90-110 4-6 years

Product Features:

raincoat bag space left behind,
Bought after specify the size you want!Of this subsection raincoat for all spell color, so I do not pick the color, random delivery
Therefore eliminates raincoat backpack part to muster the drawbacks raincoat is too short!
Retaining better! Behind cartoon images, popular with the kids enjoy!