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3D Face Lift Body Slimming Massager Roller Silver

Price: Php.420

-Easy to hold the roller
-Face lift
-Promotes skin tighting
-Body Shaping and promote the blood circulation
-Rotation in 360 Degree Cleaning and massaging totally
-adept for the sensitivity and unconscious skin
-Double Roller
-Water Proof design
-Solar energy
-With micro current technology, rolling more smoothness
Product details of 3D Full Body Shape Massager

This beauty pen combines solar energy, nano pt, microcurrent and 3D Y- shaping technology.
It is said there is natural electric current exists in body, the natural electric would change irregularly caused by work stress and age growth,result inskin aging such as blemishes,skin loosen etc.
How you can bring back your once youthful,This beauty pen can reach the goal
It absorbs the solar energy and turn into kinetic energy, the energy work with the v shaped roller and releases ions with same wavelength of electric current, so the electric current can recovery with movement of the ion of beauty pen
The ion of beauty pen can anti-aging,accelerate metabolism,promote skin tone, moreover, the absorption rate of skin product can be raised from 20% to 70%,refresh elastic and tone of skin