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Manila Tactical Corporate Giveaways
Action Sports Cameras
Digital high definition video recording
 for action , adventure and sports.
Smart Watch
Manila Tactical Products
SMS, phone applications, music, a camera and time, can all be found in just one watch
Enjoy high resolution video presentation and movies in your home or office and business and schools
Dashcam Car CCTV
Drive and protect yourself from traffic altercations and false traffic reports
 and accidents.
Walkie Talkie
Power Banks
Perfect communication partner in business and security.
Your supply of power that is reliable and accurate in power specifications
Spy Camera
Be your own spy. Confirm or alleviate your suspicions. Gather evidence and use in prosecution . 
Tactical Flashlights
Rechargeable tactical flashlights for
 self defense and rescue operations.
Tactical Shovel Knife
Tactical Knives Entrenching Shovel Folding Camp Tactical Combat Tool Carbon with Sheath  
Paracord Fire Starter
Survival Bracelet Paracord Whistle Gear Flint Fire Starter Scraper 
Chrome Plated Steel Outdoor
Hunting Slingshot 
Hunting Slingshot 
Portable Mini Pocket Outdoor Survival  Stainless Steel Wood Chain Wire Saw
Chain Wire Saw
Ultra Bright Bike Light
1800 Lumen Super Bright  LED Bike Light Headlamp, Waterproof 3 Mode LED Bicycle Light
We have lots of survival knives for self defense and security
Tactical Knife 
Experience 3D videos anytime anywhere using your own Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer.

VR Case Smartphone 3D
Enjoy wireless music and calls. 3.5mm Stereo Jack, range: Up to 10m, Charging 2-3 hours, Compatible w/ most mobile phones, mp3 players

Zonoki Bluetooth headset
Suitable for the 6-8 inch mobile phone bag for your Mobile Phones, power banks,credit cards 
Bavin Mobile Phone Bag
Portable Lightweight Retractable Selfie  Monopod for Mobile Phone with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter
Yunteng Monopod
2 meters long Data Cable For Synchronizing And Recharging your phone.

USB Cable Connector
Massaging neck pillow for travel, Comfort fabric,On/off power button,Snap lock tabs, 

Neck Massage Pillow
Multifunction Portable Solar kit with 3 bulbs,Led lamp ,Solar Panel.  110-240 volts, DC 6V USB Output (can charge up to 4 phones

Solar Power Station
Baby Monitor Camera
For parents looking for the ultimate stylish color video monitor that allows them to view baby both day and night. 
Outdoor Essential Emergency Shelter For Outdoor Self-help And Keep Warm For Earthquake emergency Survival
Emergency Shelter
Pepper Spray Self-Defense Weapon, It provides an extra security and convenience for you and your family. 
Pepper Spray  Defense
SDC 12V, 110-240V, DustBin capacity: 200Ml, Rate Frequency: 50/60HZ,, Automatic, TC-350 
Tocool Vaccum Cleaner 
Dual Core,Built-in 8GB,Android 4.4, 7” High Resolution Screen, 1024*600 Pixels, Dual sim card, 3.7V / 3000mAh
3G network phone call

Tablet Dual Core
53" Adjustable  Nylon  Belt
2.75" Blade, Stainless steel, 
Half Seratted Black Blade,
Pakkawood Curb Handle
Belt  Buckle Knife
Electronic detection inspection at airports, railway stations and wharfs., Security inspection of customs, public securities.
Handheld Metal Detector 
This stun gun is made for people in the security service
HY-X8 CREE Flashlight  
It maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level for your return. Place Autocool vent on top of window, then close window and lock up
Auto Cool Ventilation
Bailong Lighting LED
More powerful built-in rechargeable battery makes it perfectly portable to be taken anywhere.
Quick change battery for continous lighting, Highly portable ,light weight. ,Rechargeable lithium battery., The light with 3 modes.
LED Floodlight
Survival Whistle in Green
This survival whistle is great for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, travel, emergency kits, survival kits, etc. 
Treating diseases exactly with digital techniques, Immunotheraply and cancelling diseased cells
Digital Therapy Machine
Interchangeable Battery, and automatic-identified polarity,safer, USB or Lithium Battery charge,good for indoor&outdoor

Portable Mini Fan
Camping Lantern
Everyone who wants to go outside in the dark may need a portable light to brighten your way
Wallet Ninja 18 tool in 1
Multi tool (18 in 1) and fits in your wallet with credit cards
 Kohga Ninja Star
Ninja stars were commonly used to slow down attackers or used as a distraction. 
 2 in 1 Rescue Tool
Our ResQMe Key Chain keeps you prepared for the unexpected by helping you get out of a car in the event of an emergency.
Wolf Tooth 007 Cree Led
Size:235(mm) , Weight:300g, aluminum alloy, flashlight (Bright light, weak light, flash)and stun gun
288 Defense Flashlight
Bright and heavy duty, the police flashlight features a hidden stun gun that you can use to distract your attacker.
6542 Led Head Lamp
Bright as a spotlight, Rechargeable , LED service life more than 100,000 hours
iPhone Stun Gun
High voltage electric shock, Strong LED illumination, High-capacity rechargeable battery

The Jeep Multifunctional Pliers Folding Pliers Tool Pliers Outdoor Equipment
Jeep Tool Pliers
Its collapsible stainless steel body in comfortable to grip for self protection anywhere you need it.
Expandable Baton Stick
Perfect alternative to a tent and sleeping pad for the light and cost-conscious traveler
Camouflage Hammock
Upswept axe blade for mammoth chopping, slashing and cutting potential
SOG Axe Desert
Made from a very durable heavy duty tarpaulin to with stand the harshest conditions and will even sustain a quick submersion underwater
Ocean Dry Bag
Capacity: 20L, Lining Material: Polyester
,Main Material: Nylon, Size: H(43) x D(20)x W(23)cm
TAP Backpack Bag
Ideal for hunters, nature lovers, campers, backpackers or simply for your next concert!
Binocular 6x30
Multi-uses for arborist, climbing, rescue, rappelling, caving and other outdoor activities
Rappelling Rescue Rope 
Lightweight aluminium with special hard wearing surface and sturdy, folding, heat resistant handles
Camping Cooking Set
Color : silver Only (stainless),Weight: 260g, Power : 3500w, dimension: 6.8cm x 6.8cm x 8.9cm 

Camping Stove S-302B 
Very affordable and durable. Can be used as belt Bag or sling bag or side bag
TAP Belt Bag 
Multifunctional Poncho Jungle Camouflage Raincoat Men Rain Poncho Hiking Camping Mat
Raincoat Poncho
2 LED Handheld Reading 3x Lighted Magnifier Portable Loupe Book Magnifying
Magnifier Glass
Folding Luggage Trolley
Kick Scooters
Bullet Pellet Catcher 
Raincoat For Kids
Large capacity design is suitable for several days' walking trip
Tactical Camping Bag
Waterproof Belt Bag
Outdoor Waterproof Lightweight Runners Belt Waist Pack Bag with Touchscreen compatible
Money Counter
Its compact and stylish design is as remarkable as its integrated electronics and multifunction capabilities
Air O Dry Clothes Dry
Will dry your clothes in a crease-free way. Make your everyday wash-and-wear a worry-free task especially during the rainy season with this blowing deal.
Fire Blanket
size : 1.2 x 1.2 meters
P 1,500
Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Portable speakers for phones and tablets.
Electrothermal Water Bag
Hot water bag with eletrothermal heating. It only makes a charge about 6-10 min, then it could last for warm state for 2-10 hours.
Desk Lamps
Desk and reading lamps from Lamps Plus are a great addition to your home lighting plan. 
Massage Roller
360 Rotate 3D Full Body Shape Massager For Face And Body Lifting

Hot & Cold Pack
he Hot/Cold Packs can be kept in the freezer for an instant cold therapy, the gel consistency does not freeze solid, so remains moldable to the persons injury site. 
Set the entertainment factor of your television by fusing it with the power of the Internet​
TV Box Wireless Wifi 
Internal Storage & Memory 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, OS Android OS, v5.1 (Lollipop)
Mobile Smart Phone
Ergonomics design with the leading tone portion, biofilm-composite technology
Onda Earphone AD30 
Fashionable appearance and excellent sound quality and beautiful music can comfort people and release stress.
Car FM Transmitter  
This massage pillow is a perfect companion to relax and release the tension in your muscles.
Electronic Massage 
Your sense of smell has a great effect on your mood and personality
Car Humidifier
new breed of vaping technology that allows you to drip and electronic cigarette without the hassle of actually dripping
Kangertech starter kit
Self-Stirring Mug has a small little turbine in the middle of the mug that stirs your coffee for you.
Self Stirring Mug
Keep your cup of coffee, tea or hot hot drinks warm everytime. 
Ideal for office use.
Electronic Warmer 
Keep your cup of coffee, tea or hot hot drinks warm everytime. 
Ideal for office use.
Price Labeller
Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Cutting Board Food Chopper Smart Kitchen Knives Vegetables Fruits Cutter Shredders Slicers Garnishing Tools  
Smart Cutter 2 in 1
Easy to use, Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes
Bullet Blender
Installed on the front panel, solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, which charges the battery directly.
Solar Power GD-8018
Rechargeable Solar Energy Lantern with Tripod USB Interface Cable, 

Price: Php.275
Camping Lamp
Electronic Mosquito Repellent LED Lamp will be a good helper for you 
Electronic Mosquito 
6 Port USB Fast charger,Compatible with iPhone and android devices,
Simultaneous charger ability
Bavin 7A 6 Port

Fidget Hand Spinners
Fidget Cube. Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin. 

Fidget Dice Magic Cube
Aluminum , plastic and steel spinners

Other Exciting Products
Fafety Climbing Carabiners Pulleys Ascenders Descenders

Rigging, Rescue, Industrial
Especially useful with pulleys in rescue work
Xinda Carabiner 25KN
6 Port USB Fast charger,Compatible with iPhone and android devices,
Simultaneous charger ability
Single Pulley

Swing Double Pulley
Fidget Cube. Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin. 

6 Hole Rigging Plates
Aluminum , plastic and steel spinners

Rigging, Rescue, Industrial
Especially useful with pulleys in rescue work
Xinda Carabiner 25KN
6 Port USB Fast charger,Compatible with iPhone and android devices,
Simultaneous charger ability
Single Pulley

Fidget Hand Spinners
Aluminum , plastic and steel spinners

Fidget Cube. Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin. 

Fidget Dice Magic Cube
Rigging, Rescue, Industrial
Especially useful with pulleys in rescue work
4 Hole Rigging Plates
One of the lightest figure eights on the market, our Standard Figure Eight offers a smooth rappel with minimal impact on the rope.

8 Descender
Folds for easy storage
Strong steel frame
Backrest Adjustable height
Portable Beach Chair
Digital Computing Scale
These scales are perfect for when you need to measure the weight and price of items quickly and accurately.